150FZY4-D 150x160x60mm AC 380V 30W axial flow fan Cooling fan


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Model number and main parameters

Model number Voltage (VAC) Frequency (Hz) Phase Power (W) Current (A) Speed (RPM) Air flow (m3/min) Noise (dBA) Weight (kg) Capacitance (μF/V) Bearing Related product
150FZY2-D 220 50 1 30 0.16 2800 6.12 65 0.85 1/400 Ball bearing Order
150FZY4-D 380 50 3 30 0.12 2800 6.12 65 0.85 Ball bearing Visiting…
150FZY7-D 380 50 1 35 0.1 2800 6.12 62 0.85 0.33/630 Ball bearing Order

finglai General

Model number 150FZY series
External dimensions 150x160x60 mm
Motor type Three-phase / single-phase squirrel cage general motor
Leakage current 0.5mA
Dielectric strength 1500Vac 50Hz for 1 min
Protection degree IP54
Rotary direction of Fan Counterclockwise from front view

finglai 150FZY series AC axial flow fan drawing

Additional information

Power Source



Industrial Blower


Under 500W

Rated Voltage




Rated Power


Brand Name


Model Number



Low Pressure




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