DELTA AFB0512MD 12V 0.11A 4선 이중 볼 베어링 냉각 팬


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상표: 델타.

모델 번호: AFB0512MD

Or: 50 * 50 * mm

Shaft bearing: 이중 볼 베어링.

Electric voltage: 12 V

Electricity flow: 0.11 ㅏ

Transfer rate: 7800 RPM

Noise value: 25DBA.

The wind quantity: .3 CFM

Longevity: 80,000 시간.

Features free maintenance double ball bearing, 긴 서비스 수명, sufficient heat dissipation and wind pressure.

Suitable for the heat dissipation of the box, CPU radiator, power fan modification, water cooling and cooling, switching power dissipation, high reliability server application.


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