Suntronix SJ1238HA2 220V 20*120*38 ball bearing Axial cooling fan

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Brands: Taiwan’s three giants SAN JUN, SAN JU and Suntronix

Model: SJ1238HA2 220V

Specifications: 120 * 120 * 38mm

Bearing structure: B: BALL (ball bearing)

Note: The parameters of oil-bearing bearings are the same as those of the ball. They are distinguished by the label marked “Sleeve” in the upper left corner of the label. It can also be distinguished by pressing on the touch. Oily pressing from the back to the motor part has no elasticity, and the ball has elasticity. The company’s fans have steel stamps or codes, and have anti-counterfeiting signs. Customers are requested to identify genuine products and beware of counterfeiting.

Voltage and current: see parameter chart and label for details

Power: 15/21 (W)

Speed: high speed 2600/3000 (R / min)

Air volume: 84/120 (CFM)

Noise: 45 (dB-A)

Packaging: Bulk, no separate box, ordinary carton box packing 40 sets / 1 FCL;

Frame: Black-painted aluminum alloy die-casting anti-corrosion and moisture-proof structure;

Bearing: low noise imported ball bearing;

Ambient temperature for use (℃): -20 ℃ ~ 85 ℃ B: (ball bearing)

Life: working environment temperature 40 ℃ B: (ball bearing) 60,000 (hours) S: (oil bearing) 30,000 hours

Long life, can work continuously for 24 hours.

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