Aisin AMR300 500 supercharger Turbocharged for modification 0.6-2.2 displacement Supercharger


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1, please do not ask “XX car can be installed”, this is a universal supercharger, any model, 2.0 and below displacement, as long as there is room to install. The supercharger body has a length and width of 20X15X13 cm, and it can be put down by the carton model in the engine compartment.

2, in addition to the bracket and the tube is necessary, other such as external computer, intercooled, pressure relief valve, etc. are not necessary, please do not ask.

3, I only have a supercharger, there is no other accessories, the bracket and the pipe are different for each car, you have to do it according to the specific situation.

4, the pressure between 0.2-0.4, will not cause any harm to the engine.

5, the power is increased by more than 30%, and there is a clear push back.

6, please do not take the garbage color, the seller does not dare to guarantee the goods and our price, tens of thousands of cars to change the boost, in order to save a few hundred dollars, the conversion effect is not good, can not use how long the problem, then go back and forth toss Let’s settle it yourself!

500 supports 0.8-2.0 displacement, size 20X15X13 cm


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