NMB 2415FB-D4W-B86 12V 1,52A Doppelkugellagerlüfter

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NMB 2415FB-D4W-B86 12V 1,52A Doppelkugellagerlüfter

Marke: NMB-MAT
Modell: 2415KL-04W-B86
Lager: Doppelkugel.
Größe: 60*60*38Millimeter
Bemessungsspannung: 12V
Aktuell: 1.65EIN
Geschwindigkeit: 2800 RPM~~10075 RPM
Lärm: 61DBA
Verpackung: Masse, due to warehousing, it is inevitable to have scratches or dust. Buyers with high appearance requirements should pay attention to it.
Characteristic: Overwhelmingly long working life, high precision and high quality components without compromise.
Eigenschaften: Violent fans with super high current.


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